Eric's Thoughts

Eric's Thoughts on Trump and Pence Leading the Nation


No matter what people say about him, 
President Trump has always done what is best for his country, the people, and for our future. 

A president unswayed by naysayers and critics, Donald Trump is a winner. 

Is Trump tired of winning?

Never get tired of winning.

let me introduce who trump is...

Trump's Supporters

Who are the People on Donald Trump’s Cabinet?

Introduction The Cabinet is under the executive branch of the federal government of the United States of America. President Donald Trump’s cabinet consists of 23 …

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Trump's Empire

Donald Trump’s Biography: Childhood and Early Years

Donald John Trump or well-known as Donald Trump is the 45th elected president of the United States of America in the year 2017-present time. Before …

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Why Trump Makes America Great

Why is Donald Trump Different from Other Presidents?

Introduction Almost all of the American presidents have faced a crisis while in office, whether it’s a natural disaster, political scandal, terrorism, or economic calamity. …

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Why Trump Makes America Great

Donald Trump and Charitable Causes

Introduction Charities must be publicly transparent, without transparency, money dedicated to the public is subject to abuse. On the same day that Trump officially launched …

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Trump's Empire

The History of Donald Trump’s Financial Empire

How Donald Trump Build His Legacy Today It is mostly the degree of intentions that counts rather than the surface which defines a person. The …

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