101 Reasons to Vote for Trump


7. President Trump is rebuilding our military and defending America’s interests across the world.

REBUILDING AMERICA’S MILITARY FORCE: President Trump is rebuilding our military and defending America’s interests across the world.
President Trump ended the devastating defense cuts of the past Administration and has secured historic investments to rebuild our military.
President Trump signed legislation providing $700 billion for defense in FY 2018 and $716 billion in FY 2019.
President Trump is supporting America’s men and women in uniform, securing the largest military pay raise in nearly a decade.
The President issued a new National Security Strategy to keep America safe from all threats.
The Administration has also released new strategies specific to cybersecurity, biodefense, counterterrorism, and weapons of mass destruction terrorism.
President Trump directed the first whole-of-government assessment of United States manufacturing and defense supply chains since the Eisenhower Administration.
President Trump initiated the 2018 Nuclear Posture Review, improving United States deterrence policy and existing capabilities to counter nuclear threats.
President Trump empowered our military commanders with broad authority in order to take the fight to ISIS, and the results are clear.
ISIS has lost nearly all of its territory, more than half of which has been liberated since President Trump took office.
All of ISIS’ territory in Iraq was successfully liberated.
ISIS’ self-proclaimed capital city Raqqah has been recaptured.
ISIS’ territorial caliphate has been defeated and President Trump has announced that he is bringing America’s troops in Syria home.
President Trump announced a new Iran strategy to confront all of Iran’s malign activities and withdrew from the horrible, one-sided Iran nuclear deal.
All sanctions that had been lifted or waived under the Iran deal have been reimposed.
The Administration has sanctioned more than 160 individuals tied to the regime’s support of terrorism, ballistic missile program, human rights abuses, and more.
President Trump took decisive military action to respond to the barbaric use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime.
President Trump directed strikes in response to the regime’s chemical weapons attacks in April 2017 and April 2018.
The Trump Administration has also rolled out sanctions targeting those tied to Syria’s chemical weapons program.
President Trump is strengthening America’s cyber defense and directed the elevation of the United States Cyber Command into a major warfighting command.
The President announced that the Department of Defense will work to create a Space Force to serve as an independent branch of the United States military.